Catherine Hamilton (she/her)

Catherine Hamilton, Ph.D. EYRT 200  Catherine is a well-being warrior. Her energizing and uplifting flow sequences build core strength, stability, and greater flexibility. Classes are designed to create healthy, ...

Gentle Flow: Chair + Mat Practice (45 mins)


at Williston Studio (373 Blair Park Road
Suite 205 Williston, VT 05495)

Gentle Flow: Chair + Mat is a gentle flow class where the teacher provides options for both chair and mat throughout class. This gentle class encourages you to move in a way that works for you while the teacher guides you through both styles of practice. By cueing for both chair and mat options simultaneously, you can practice poses in your mat, in a chair, using the chair as a prop to support your practice, or a combination of all three. Gentle Flow is about connecting with your breath, releasing tension, and developing strength and flexibility. As we flow, you’re invited to choose between the various options to find what feels nourishing for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Everyone is welcome in this all levels class.