Move Well Ed. Movement Education Series


Sandy Gross

I teach active people who struggle with aches and pains how to do their own self therapies and how to build a more durable body through movement education. I'm a yoga & functional movement specialist with 30+ ye...
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There has never been a better time to prioritize movement education so that we can manage aches and pains ourselves.

In this program I’ll teach you the how the human body evolved to move - the essential MOVE WELL principles, patterns and skills that literally formed your backbone. (and spoiler: how to sneak them in your life to become more durable in everything you do.) By watching each video, you'll become a student of your body and begin to connect the dots of moving well to your whole movement life. You'll know what to do for smarter warm ups, movement recovery, how to better interpret fitness cues or coaching instructions - you'll basically be living better in your body.

**You are not broken, nor injury "prone" - you just need to re-connect to moving well and understand that before there was "exercise", we emerged as perfectly tuned human movers.**

Physical therapists and orthopedic doctors agree - most musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction can be distilled down to poor movement understanding. Move Well Ed. will upgrade your entire life. 

Here's what this program includes:

The core lessons (6 instructional practice videos) of principles, patterns and skills for human movement.
-Two, 1-on-1, 1-hour personalized sessions with me. (via Zoom or in person - A $250 value) including a personalized Body Maintenance Plan addressing the aches & pains you're managing right now. (You'll have this as a recording and a pdf emailed you within 24 hours.)
-A discounted rate for follow up sessions.
-A discounted rate option to continue to see me monthly to update your personal Body Maintenance Plan AND to have access to my ongoing weekly classes here at Union.

Check out what some of my graduates have said about the in-person version of this program at

*Fill out New Student Intake Form to apply**. I will follow up with you shortly for a free consult for us to see if we're a good fit to work together. **Limited space each month. If sessions are filled, you will be put on a waitlist for a future start date.