Driving School for Your Body

Driving School for Your Body

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Are you looking to live more confidently in your body?

-You want to stay physically healthy, be able to exercise, play your sport and enjoy adventure; but aches, pains, injures, sidelines or general mobility issues have started to feel like a new normal.

-Perhaps you work out and have no pain, but want to have more control over your joint health and injury prevention while being in great shape.

-Or maybe you’ve had a health wake-up call and you want a good foundation from which to re/start.

There has never been a better time to prioritize movement education so that you manage your body for the long haul and prevent costly and time-consuming trips down the medical path.

Based on my 1-on-1, $600-$2100 12-session Move Well Ed. programs, in this video series I’ll teach you its most potent lessons - what I call "driving skills" - the essential principles, patterns and human movement skills that literally formed your backbone, your walking gait and shoulder movements and you'll clean up your movement habits and postural challenges. Many times, nagging aches and pains will simply go away. Mobility issues will certainly improve. Most importantly, you’ll be empowered to maintain feeling good.

Through this program, you'll become a student of your body and begin to connect the dots of moving well to your whole movement life. You'll learn how to create smarter warm ups and recovery routines and coaching/fitness class cues will make better sense. You'll also learn how to apply the principles into your daily life so that you simply drive your body better for a lifetime.

**You are not broken, nor injury "prone" - you just need to re-connect how you were designed to move and get back to moving well.**

Physical therapists and orthopedic doctors agree - most musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction can be distilled down to poor movement understanding.Knowing how to drive your body with skill will upgrade your entire life. 

Here's what this program includes:

- Six instructional practice videos - the core principles, patterns and skills of human movement Live streamed & recorded with replay access for 2 months
- Private Facebook group for Q's

Add-on options:
-Work with me privately at a discounted rate - visit my website for Silver, Gold, Platinum & Nutrition package options.

Check out what some of my graduates have said about the in-person version of this program at www.movewelled.com