(CANCELED) Movement of the Mystic Heart


Demetri Velisarius

Demetri Velisarius, RYT 500, BSW, is a certified  Drupon (Practice Master) Lineage Holder within the Kagyu Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the co-creator of Prana Danda Yoga & Meditation in FlowMotion.  A f...
This performance or session has been canceled.
Moving to “Shantideva’s Daily Universal Prayer of Protection and Compassion”

 Centering through Balancing 


“May I be a guardian for those who seek protection” Shantideva 8th century Buddhist Master

Demetri will lead through mudra, movement and recitation the essential daily prayer distilled from chapter 3,  “Adopting the Spirit of Awakening” drawn from the seminal Buddhist wisdom guide: 
The Way of the Bodhisattva. 
“Shantideva’s Dailey Universal Prayer of Compassion” 
Eight lines of aspirational prayer imprinted upon
a moving mudra sequence called 
“Charting the Course”

It’s about manifesting the essence of compassion 
by Interweaving a metaphorical prayer of compassion with the 3 modes of being; 
conscious movement,
virtuous speech 
and clear mind 
results in spontaneous enlightened activity. 

A culmination of many years of practice and refinement along with my beloved partner Shiva Rea, Prana Danda and Charting the Course with Shantideva’s Prayer are ready to be shared.

Prana Danda Meditation teachings are based on years of study and practice with masters in the Buddha Dharma of Vajrayana and Dzogchen (Natural Great Perfection) and draws from the disciplines of Prana Vinyasa, martial arts from Kerala India, boxing, swordsmanship, fire spinning and dance. 

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