Rod Stryker

Yogarupa Rod Stryker is a world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher, guiding and sharing his wisdom for 40 years. He is the founder of ParaYoga®, and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, H...

Dharma Talk


The root meaning of the term Dharma is “to hold,” “support,” or “that which sustains all.” Dharma is synonymous with natural law. It pervades and sustains all realms––physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual––finite and infinite. 

Dharma talks are an opportunity to reflect, and align our self with timeless wisdom and practical strategies. It has long been considered a tool for reflection on, among other things, the meaning and purpose of practice. They are intended to renew us and our sense of purpose, to realign us with the deeper meaning of life, as well as the truths that support our highest state of well-being.

Dharma talks are invaluable support to renew our commitment to practice and to return to the inspiration to live our best life.