500-Hour Purna Yoga Teacher Training ALIVE & SHINE CENTER


at Alive & Shine Center (2255 - 140th Ave NE
Suite F Bellevue, WA 98005)

Savitri .

Savitri, renowned Meditation Master and visionary, was born in India and grew up in Bombay until the age of 7, when she moved to America with her family. Her inspirational mother was of Italian-American descent a...
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The Purna Yoga® 500-Hour Level offers aspiring yoga professionals a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of teaching asana, meditation and abundant living. This intermediate level course builds upon the foundation you received in your 200-Hour Training, giving you more information, tools and knowledge you can use to help your students and blossom your career.  The 500-Hour Level also helps you establish a lifestyle of integrity and a commitment to coming alive and shining!

In this training, you will be taught directly by Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri.  Our expectations are higher than other levels of training, and living yoga is the goal. You will gain deep technical knowledge on how to teach safe yoga that inspires your students. The backbone of this program is the incredible depth of knowledge that our teachers offer, based on 40+ years of training teachers.

Gain mastery in the four Pillars of Purna Yoga:
  • Asana and Breath
  • Heartfull® Meditation
  • Applied Philosophy
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

Plus, learn essentials for a yoga professional:
  • Alignment, Safety, and Contraindications in Asana
  • Yoga Therapeutics – a high-demand specialty
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Ethics and Living with Integrity
  • Business and Holistic Marketing
  • How to bring out the gifts and authenticity of the True You.

You will also focus on your own spiritual connection and intuition as a teacher, empowering you to teach yoga from the heart instead of from the head. Learn these essential qualities with Savitri’s Heartfull® Meditation , lifestyle and philosophy, and years of wisdom:
  • Confidence and leadership free of ego
  • The intuition to guide your students
  • An understanding of your role in healing
  • Joyful self-expression and purpose
  • Authentic caring for your students
  • An unlimited energy source – Light – which is a powerful upgrade from prana or chi

Training Cost:
Cost ranges between $14,900 to $11,675 depending on:
-Alumni Discount
-Payment Plans
-Pay In full Rate ($525 savings)
-Scholarship (Up to $1,050 merit/need available) 

Alive & Shine Center Dates:
Session 1: April 5-17, 2021
Session 2: July 12-15, 2021 (All courses combined)
Session 3: TBD

Purna Yoga East Dates:
Session 1: April 26-May 8, 2021
Session 2: July 12-25, 2021 (at Alive & Shine Center)
Session 3: TBD

Purna Yoga Helsinki Dates:
Session 1: January 11-23, 2021
Session 2: July 12-25, 2021 (at Alive & Shine Center)
Session 3: TBD

(**Note: Registration for this course includes a payment option for Session 1, for Purna Yoga East students.  A separate payment will need to be made to Purna Yoga East for Sessions 2 and 3.)