Kara Gordon

Kara came to yoga over a decade ago to deal with injuries from years of overtraining as a competitive swimmer, and she quickly fell in love with the healing and restorative magic of yoga.  She has over 500 hours...



at In-Person (424 Van Brunt Street Brooklyn, NY 11231)

Never done a Downward Dog? Perfect! This class is for you.

Asanas and Pranayama are two foundational elements of yoga. This class will teach proper alignment in yoga postures (Asanas) and a basic practice of Pranayama (yogic breathing) focusing on breath awareness. As you move through these consecutive 4-week sessions, you will gain greater mobility, a clearer more focused mind, and a more profound appreciation for the amazing body you live in. Starting a yoga practice is truly a gift you give to yourself and everyone around you. Any amount of yoga is remarkably good for the health of the mind and body.