Alyssa Manny

Life is art. Life is love. Life is all about the people that lift you up and help you find the positive, the possible and your limitless potential. I dedicate our studio and the bond that we all share within this...
Is sleep a stranger? We get it. Your schedule is all over the place and you're living moment to moment with the needs of your little one. The postnatal journey is a wild ride! Allow the practice to be your daily routine for you-time. After all, the more you take care of yourself, the better prepared you will be to continually share your heart (and all your favorite snacks).

This 20-Minute DEEP CORE format will help you reconnect to your pelvic floor and abdominal architecture post-baby. Just for the record, it's not normal to pee your pants when you laugh or sneeze. We can help with that :)