Hip Hop Dance Workshop


at Ohana Yoga + Barre (4342 Tennyson Street Denver, CO 80212)

Alyssa Manny

Life is art. Life is love. Life is all about the people that lift you up and help you find the positive, the possible and your limitless potential. I dedicate our studio and the bond that we all share within this...
Hip hop began back in the 1960s to 1970s as a general expression of Black American culture, which was meant to honor the struggles and narratives of the historically underrepresented and overshadowed people. Hip hop music's roots in Afro-Caribbean music have added layers of historical and cultural depth, which have contributed to the genre's popularity and social significance in American Black culture.

This 2-hour workshop will take you through hip hop's rich history as well as foot work and choreography in order to honor the rich expression that hip hop culture has brought to all of our lives.


Wear comfy clothes. Bring your sneakers. Leave your yoga mats and cultural appropriation at home.