Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Hip hop began back in the 1960s to 1970s as a general expression of Black American culture, which was meant to honor the struggles and narratives of the historically underrepresented and overshadowed people. Hip hop music's roots in Afro-Caribbean music have added layers of historical and cultural depth, which have contributed to the genre's popularity and social significance in American Black culture.

This 2-hour workshop will take you through hip hop's rich history as well as foot work and choreography in order to honor the rich expression that hip hop culture has brought to all of our lives.

When you take a hip hop class with Paris Farr, you can look forward to getting your blood pumping with old school and new school hip hop moves and music. You can also look forward to the joy and love that comes with learning about hip hop culture.


Wear comfy clothes. Bring your sneakers. Leave your yoga mats and cultural appropriation at home.

Meet Paris Farr, your instructor:

Paris Farr attended the Cleveland School of the Arts where he was trained in Ballet, Horton, Graham, Non traditional partnering, African, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Break dancing. He also performed with the Y.A.R.D (youth at risk dancing) and Urban Dance Collective during his years at the school. He later attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts where he performed with Joffrey Ballet Company as a junior under study. His choreography won both gold and platinum reward at Urban Jams dance convention and Elite dance convention. He also had choreography performed at DisneyLand. He taught at Streetside south hip hop dance studio in Littleton CO as one of two principal instructors for 2 and a half years. He also has choreographed for Belgium pop artist Timo Descamps music video titled More. He coached and was Head hip hop instructor with Peak Athletics Plus. Paris was a principle dancer in Exhibit M under the direction of Jacob Mora. Paris Farr currently is dancing with Davis Contemporary Dance Company and instructing at Mile High Dance Center, Mercury Academy of Dance, and Alexa's School of Dance.