A Conversation on Race

A Conversation on Race

The uncomfortable truth: racism exists in America. Join Dameda Finney of The Empower Black Project for A Conversation on Race.

This two hour experience will provide education, knowledge, self assessment, and discomfort as we look within to contemplate racism in America, and the role we play within it.

Please come prepared with your journal and pen. We invite open hearts and open minds to do this important work. Regardless of the emotions that may inevitably rise, you will be supported within a safe space to learn and process guilt, shame, stuckness, hurt, fear and shadow. All are welcome.

About Dameda
Dameda is the Co-Creator of The Empower Black Project that seeks to uplift the spirits of Black people and inspire them to love their Black bodies from the inside out through self-discovery and healing. She is equally committed to uplifting, educating & empowering anyone in search of intimate conversations that lead to conscious action with the intention to dismantle systemic racism and reimagine & create new systems that liberate all peoples. 

Dameda immerses herself in healing & antiracism work like she wears her beautiful Black skin —with pride & purpose—creating compassionate spaces that imbue hope for change and uncloak inner truths that transform. She is on purpose in every way and understands that by guiding, inspiring & empowering others to heal through her direct experience as a Black woman, she not only only raises her consciousness, but sets the tone for raising the consciousness of all of humanity. 

It is evident, that in the spaces Dameda occupies, her sole purpose on this Earth is to foster expansion through love & awareness, to validate that you are seen, heard, and belong, and to inspire those in her presence to create & live full, joyful & dope ass lives. It is evident in her as an example. It is evident in her authentic connection. And so it is.