4RHYTHMS Masterclass


at Ohana Yoga + Barre (4342 Tennyson Street Denver, CO 80212)

Alyssa Manny

Life is art. Life is love. Life is all about the people that lift you up and help you find the positive, the possible and your limitless potential. I dedicate our studio and the bond that we all share within this...
Do you find yourself saying yes too often and regretting your commitments? 

Do you regularly tell yourself there are not enough hours in the day?

When was the last time you scheduled rest into your day? 

What if you could use the inherent wisdom of your body to claim autonomy over your time and energy?

In the 4Rhythms Masterclass we will dive into how you can use your body's cycles and the cycles of the natural world as tools to create more space in your life and claim your autonomy over your time and energy. Sharon Bailey, Founder of glowemporium.com, will share the 4 Rhythms (menstrual, rest, lunar and seasonal) to utilize when planning out your time so you can say no to more and claim autonomy over your time and energy

There are 4 Rhythms that a woman can harness for more autonomy over her time and energy: Menstrual, Rest, Seasonal, and Lunar. In this Masterclass, attendees will learn about the 4 Rhythms and the systems that have blocked and detached us from those wisdoms and make women work against their body's wisdom instead of with it. She will learn tools to track those rhythms and what questions to ask to know her body better. She will leave with ways to utilize her rhythms for more autonomy over her time and energy and be able to with her body instead of against it. 

For Womxn who: are active, hold responsibilities, say yes to too much, want more autonomy over their time and wellbeing, want to know how to schedule their workouts to meet their body's needs, want to work with their body not against it, and want to rise in their greatness using their wisdom within.

Your gifts with this workshop: You will leave with ways to utilize your Rhythms for more autonomy over your time and energy, a 4Rhythms Workbook, and have access to the Glow Emporium's 2021 Moon Glow Guide that teaches how to use your lunar cycles for optimal time and energy management.