(CANCELED) The Gathering: A practice of rest, stillness, and movement


Octavia Raheem

Octavia Raheem is an author, mother, yoga + meditation teacher. Octavia has received national attention for her work training yoga teachers and diversifying the yoga and wellness industry. Trained and mentored b...
This class is a gathering of your mind, body, heart, and soul.

It is a gathering for us all.

Though we can't see one another, we can feel one another.

I’ll be honest, this is the class that I’ve often wanted to teach and the class that I often want to take. Some movement, some stillness, some rest, some journaling. Deep connection.

The key practices we will explore in this weekly class are:
Restorative yoga- Supported, long held poses
Flow- creative movement- some times typical yoga sequences, sometimes we’ll simply move freely
Yin- long held poses that focus on connection tissue as well as turning inward.
This class also includes: settling/initial relaxation, body rotation and/or rotation of consciousness, breath and energy awareness, and visualizations that lead to the state of consciousness known as Yoga Nidra. 

Each class will be different and often include components of 2-3 of the above. 

Ultimately we will gather at our own hearts through restorative yoga, yin yoga movement and yoga nidra in order to remember our individual and collective wholeness.