Rebekah Smith

My name is Rebekah Smith. My goal is to create a new mindset around what yoga is and who yoga is for, as well as to introduce Yoga Therapy as a tool for my community. I became a 200-hour Kula yoga teacher in 2016...
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Join Rebekah for 60 minutes to: take a break, connect to the breath, restore the body, and find space between thoughts.

This class will blend together gentle movements to warm the body. Supported restorative poses will allow us a moment of surrender and ease. We will be closing with mudra and guided meditation to find peace and stillness in the mind.Open to all levels!!What to have: towel/blanket, pillows (longer pillows work best), blocks (books if you don't have blocks), have a chair close by (for support legs up), warm clothing, and something to cover the eyes during rest. I suggest playing some relaxing music, put the phone on "do not disturb" and anything else that allows you to relax at home.