SmartFLOW Advanced Training: The Art of Transitions Part 1: Presence in Motion

SmartFLOW Advanced Training: The Art of Transitions Part 1: Presence in Motion

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The Art of Transitions: (Part 1) Presence in Motion 
with Annie Carpenter

Good towards 15hours of SmartFLOW 300hr Yoga Teacher Training.
$229 Early Bird (before May 15)/$249 after May 15
Daily Schedule*:
9:00 - 11:00ish 2+ hour Asana practice on Union Livestream.
Short break
11:30 - 1:30 Afternoon lecture and labs on Zoom.
*each session will be available live and on 24/hr replay allowing students in different time zones to participate at a convenient time for them.
Daily Topics:

• Mindful Asana
• Pranayama and Meditation
• Classic Pose Transitions Lab
• Self-practice evaluation and goals

Whether your practice is Asana or Pranayama, Chanting or Meditation, in the end we are “presencing” – returning to the present moment again and again. In the moments between the poses, between the breaths, and between the thoughts we have the opportunity to truly rest in presence.
As we all know, Yogis don’t get injured while in a pose; it is coming into and out of a pose -- when our attention lapses -- that we may create strain or injury. We’ll look at some of the classic Yoga transitions and bring the power of our attention to them, seeking gaps in our concentration and physical areas of deficit or over-efforting.

Designed for Teachers and experienced Yogis, you’ll practice the essential pose elements, slow transitioning, assessing alignment and hands-on adjustments.

Join Annie and the SmartFlow tribe to examine all kinds of Smart Transitions, evoking mindfulness and strength, and being in this present moment.

Experienced yogis, who do not have a 200 training certificate, may be eligible for this training. If interested, please email Kim Lally at [email protected] to inquire.

*Payment in full is required upon registration to hold your place. 

**Required for the Livestream training will be a computer or ipad for larger screen viewing, and a fully charged smartphone with video capabilities.