Restorative Shiatsu: Foundations of Zen Shiatsu

Restorative Shiatsu: Foundations of Zen Shiatsu

Cost: $40

Discover a new way to experience being in your body and offering care to another. The power of healing is right in your own hands. In this workshop, learn the very foundations of healing, therapeutic touch for Self and Others through Zen Shiatsu, a form of Asian Bodywork Therapy. This workshop is beginner-friendly and no previous experience is required to learn.

This style of massage is unique in that it is done fully clothed with no oils, working directly with the energy flows of Qi through the body according to the Chinese Medicine meridian and point system. The graceful skill of Japanese manual therapy, combined with the meditative qualities of an open mind, provides receivers with a deeply relaxing and restorative experience that facilitates pain and stress relief for receivers and improves overall wellbeing, health, and happiness for both self and others. 

In this workshop participants will learn a sequence of Shiatsu exercises and acupoints to practice on yourself and techniques to work on another person. These simple and accessible practices will be beneficial for any caregivers, parents, yoga instructors and yoga therapists, couples, those who work with the elderly or in hospice, nurses, and healers of all kinds.

Individuals and partners are welcome.

Instructor Bio:  Katarina found Zen Shiatsu 14 years ago and began instructing Shiatsu courses in the nationally accredited certification program at Zen Shiatsu Chicago in 2013.  Since then she has taught workshops and courses in Chicago, Bali, India, Mexico. She currently offers healing sessions in Lakeview and Evanston.  To learn more