Mindful Alignment Master Class

Mindful Alignment Master Class

In this transformative 90-minute master class, we will cover the importance of correct body alignment through the principles of yoga and biomechanics.

By understanding how our bodies move, we empower ourselves to achieve optimal alignment in our yoga practice and all physical positions in our everyday life. 

Join us for this enlightening exploration of biomechanics and alignment. No matter where you are on your yoga journey this masterclass will help you to refine the universal principles of alignment leading to more fluidity and ease of movement on the mat and beyond.

We will cover:

  • Finding optimal alignment (Tadasana) in every pose as we move through a sequence
  • Examining how habitual patterns of movement causes chronic pain in our muscles and joints and how to correct this
  • Discover how the flow of energy is impacted by the habitual holding patterns in our bodies¬†
  • What can be done to optimize a feeling of fluidity in our bodies physically & energetically
  • Tips & Strategies plus a Q & A will be included in this class

Laurie Ahlemann, E-RYT500, Reiki Master, has been teaching Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation for over two decades. Her teaching style is based in bio-mechanical principles offering an opportunity to rewrite habitual movement patterns and bring the body back into optimal anatomical alignment. Her extensive studies in anatomy, physiology, and energy healing lends itself well to an experience appropriate for all fitness levels.

$40, All levels welcome. Please note we cannot offer refunds/credits for workshops and special events.