Reconnection - Ancestral Healing & Akashic Clearing


Michele Meiche

Here's a bit of info about me and some of what I "do"  😊 If you feel a resonance I'm sure we will get to know each other better. Basically, I'm all about the Soul Path and assisting others to live out their Soul ...
 Connecting and Re-connecting deeper to the Soul Self through clearing the Akashic

This workshop is in partnership with our ancestors.
We cannot do this part of the 'Awakening' and co-creating the New Paradigm without understanding, accepting, honoring and then being in compassion to those that have come before...
  • This  innerwork  is to address traumas and emotional wounding that has created  blockage patterns in emotional relating and manifesting.

  • In this innerplane journey work and meditation processes we will be aligning to our Ancestors and  through the subtle energy of the etheric, astral and spirit realm.
  • In this sacred healing and empowerment session we will look at the patterns we have been relating and living by from the place of the Akashic and Emotional Body...
  • Akashic Clearing and Energetic Re-patterning Recalibration

    • In this workshop session we will be doing a sacred healing journey to gently release ancestral, generational and societal 3D Cords to release energy from the Spiritual and Astral Realm.
    • This will allow more access to your Soul and Spiritual Essence.This will consist of deep Innerplane emotional healing work and Astral Binding Release work.
    • An additional focus of this innerwork is to release childhood traumas and emotional wounding that has created patterns of emotional relating and corresponding beliefs.

In love, soul light and healing wisdom