Yin Yoga for Lung Season


Maura Manzo

Maura has over 15 years teaching, running studios and leading retreats/trainings. Her classes are challenging, creative and breath centered. She is a catalyst for change encouraging reflection, responsibility and...
A 4-week series to help you tune into the seasons, strengthen your immune system, and practice letting go. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), every season is intimately connected to an element of nature, a pair of organs, and specific emotions. Using postures and breathwork, increase and strengthen the lungs and respiration in preparation for winter; work with the emotions of grief and loss, love and beauty;  and focus anatomically on the upper body (side body, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms and neck).

*$39 for 4-Classes. Please bring 2 blocks, a blanket and a strap (or something equivalent) to each class. This class is ABSOLUTELY appropriate for beginners. Replays will be available within 24 hours after class for 30 days.

Yin Yoga is done on the ground, holding poses for 3 minutes or more. It is a great complement to more vigorous practice and exercise. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being
  • Increased mobility (ease of movement)
  • Healthcare for your joints
  • Injury prevention and a complement to more active practices (running, vinyasa yoga, weight lifting, high intensity interval training, crossfit, etc)
  • Improved awareness, emotional intelligence and body literacy
  • Regulation and resiliency of the nervous system to reduce the impact of stress
  • Enhanced mental focus and stability of the mind
  • Promotes deep relaxation and better sleep
  • A greater sense of connection to the self and beyond the self