Elke Pierre

Elke (Milhench) is an instructor and the director of the Marion Yoga Loft. She opened The Yoga Loft in the fall of 2007. She is certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, and LifeForce Yoga. She was certified by Paul Jerard ...

Just Enough Yoga


at Marion Yoga Loft (15 Creek Road Marion, MA 02738)

Appreciate and treasure the practice of yoga. Never too much. Perfect for first-timers and those who want just enough, not too much. This is a slow-moving practice with the goal of reducing tension in the body to relax the mind. In each class, we will explore a handful of common postures in depth. Elke uses clear language to help students find safe alignment and to notice how this affects the busy mind. Finish with a few restorative postures, guided meditation, and deep relaxation. This experience will be calming, mindful and complete.

This class is good for beginners and great for seasoned students who want to relearn, go deeper, and practice with attention to detail. This is not a vinyasa class; expect longer holds and hands-on assists (optional). Because this class is small each student will receive individual attention. Reiki Energy Healing in savanna if you wish.