Prenatal Yoga Series

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Kimberly Redd

Hi! I’m Kimberly, a passionate teacher of yoga and mindfulness for the past 6 years. I teach both children and adults, and all my classes have an emphasis on growing an awareness of the body, breath, and mind. I ...

Prenatal Yoga Series

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Connect with your body, your baby, and a community of parents-to-be! We will meet for 4 classes with the intention of preparing the body and mind for labor. Classes incorporate asana, pranayama, meditation, restorative, and live music Savasana. Together we will create a safe space to explore the transformations taking place! Themes include Breath, Grounding, Connection, and Intuition. Class is open to all trimesters. Option to stay for a cup of Raspberry Leaf tea! Studio will be open for a half hour after class for social gathering. Bring a mat and a mug!