Prenatal Yoga


Ashley McNatt

Ashley (she/her) is a Filipina yoga teacher who believes that yoga is a powerful tool that helps achieve a holistic well-being and reconnects us to our true & highest Self. She started her yoga practice in 2012 w...
Yoga is ideal preparation for giving birth with its fundamental practice of breath work, mindfulness and body awareness. This class is geared toward anyone who is expecting a child, offering a safe movement option during this great time of expansion. This all levels, all trimesters class will offer a mix of strengthening and relaxation to healthfully carry a baby throughout pregnancy and to prepare the body for labor and recovery. Emphasis on breath and posture during pregnancy is fundamental to this class, as well as support and community of other birthing parents to be.

All prenatal persons are welcome to attend the class, whether you have a regular practice or want to start yoga during pregnancy. It is very important to inform the teacher of any complications (current or past) or any treatment you are receiving. During pregnancy your body will change to become more flexible as ligaments soften. Your abdomen will expand to accommodate your growing child. You may feel tired, and excessively warm at times as your body works to create your growing baby. A healthy yoga practice brings energy to the body and nourishes the whole being. 

Bring a yoga mat and any yoga props you prefer to support you where you are in your pregnancy. We have blocks and a few bolsters to borrow, we recommend a blanket and bolster and have them available for purchase if you would like to have your own for a home practice!