Postnatal Mom+Baby Yoga


Chloë Craver

Chloë is the creator & founder of Lotus Yoga Academy. An E-500+ hour Certified Yoga instructor, her classes combine the dynamics of movement patterns with thought provoking intentions and anecdotes to get the art...
Gentle yoga designed to cater to the postpartum body, nurturing healing and restoration plus an opportunity to bond with your baby and other fresh mothers! This is a baby friendly class, so your little one's welcome. Our studio is stroller accessible, you are welcome to nurse & change your baby mid-class so you are both comfortable and nourished throughout class. We will focus on breathwork and gentle postures to begin the healing process centered around the pelvic floor, abdominal wall, the rib cage, and back pain. 

This class is open to new parents navigating postpartum health, please consult with your care provider before attending. Babies age 0-crawling are encouraged to attend. More mobile infants (crawling and beyond) may be welcome especially if class coincides with a stroller nap! We want YOU, the mama, to feel supported and nourished.