Neil Craver

Neil is a Lotus Yoga Alumni from the OG training group, pre studio! He has since undergone a training program with the Rama Institute based in LA, and is working hard to share his love of Kundalini yoga, breath-w...

Kundalini Yoga


at Lotus Yoga Studio (525 Vine St
STE 215 Winston-Salem, NC 27103)

Kundalini Yoga - as taught by Yogi Bhajan - is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you the experience of your soul! Kundalini Yoga practice will make you feel better by quickly reducing stress, clearing your mind, and getting physically and mentally strong for the Aquarian Age. Using Pranayama (breath), chanting mantras (sound), Kriya (physical posture & movements), and Meditation, Kundalini Yoga balances the endocrine system and strengthens the nervous system allowing you the opportunity to experience your optimal self in the age of information.

Please BYO props! We do not have community props at this time, it is best to bring a pillow and blanket to make your Kundalini practice comfortable! Shop our retail space if you need any props.