Full Moon Meditation


Neil Craver

Neil is a Lotus Yoga Alumni from the OG training group, pre studio! He has since undergone a training program with the Rama Institute based in LA, and is working hard to share his love of Kundalini yoga, breath-w...

What to Expect

This is a full moon meditation centered around harnessing the power of the full moon energy to connect to our higher states of consciousness and awareness. 

Chloë will offer information on the astrological aspects of this particular Full Moon and what to expect or prepare for throughout the upcoming season.

Neil will guide us through a series of meditations and kundalini practices.

Brian Ford will be rounding out the evening with a sound bath using a gong and singing bowls. 

If you would like to stay afterwards, we will have yogi tea and tarot reading while letting the energy of the evening settle in.