Vanessa Wurtz

Community is my favorite part of teaching yoga! I love connecting with my students before and after class, smiles and hugs are always welcome. Hot Vinyasa and deep Yin are my passion; teaching, and in my personal...



at Lotus House Lincoln (333 south 21st street Lincoln , NE 68510)

Yin is a slow, steady practice that invites the body into long holds. This method allows deep restoration and transformation. 
In Daoist philosophy, the properties of yin are dark, cold, passive, solid, and deep. We begin from a place of ease to allow for deep opening in the connective tissues, relaxing the muscles to relax the mind. Available to students at any level, this practice compliments your existing vigorous (“yang”) practice, bringing the body and mind into balance. Postures are largely seated and held for longer periods of time. A form of acupressure, this practice targets the meridians, or energy lines, throughout the body. Dig into the deepest layers of your body, mind, and spirit to uncover your inner strength and flexibility. Refresh, revitalize, renew. Please bring your own towel, mat, and water bottle.