Sattva Japa Circle


at Live Ur Yoga (408 S Atlanta Street
Suite 157 Roswell, GA 30075)

Tracy Jennings-Hill

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"Man" means "heart" "tra" means "expansion and liberation".  Mantra means "working with the expansive energy of the electromagnetic field of the heart" .  Anahata meaning "unstruck sound " is the heart center, the beginning of sound.  The first mantra was the heartbeat.  
When we chant, we use the energy of the heart to create expansion and liberation.  It is important to chant from the heart, for the power of the mantra lies within the heart.  Bhava (attitude) is the most important part of the mantra, especially when recited in a collective space.  Attention and intonation are also important elements of mantra.  Sanskrit mantras onomatopoeic, meaning the sound and the actual object that is describes are one and the same.  This creates a deep, hypnotic, and energetic experience.  All mantras are of the same tone when used for meditative purposes.  
We will be exploring the different types of mantra and how they should be used in healing, expansion and liberation.
Our mantra circle allows us to experience the different types of mantra and grow the energetic field of the collective.  
** Please bring a journal**