Lila Flow Graduate


Mason Gray

she/her As a lifelong dancer since the age of three, movement is in my bones and has truly shaped my life. I fell in love with movement as a tool for wellness while studying Dance and Health & Human Sciences at ...
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This intentional, open-level Vinyasa flow is designed to provide us the space to embrace change - on and off the mat. This class is centered around the practice of normalizing change in our lives, in order to open ourselves up to new information, new compassion, and new versions of ourselves. Through a series of dynamic postures including Extended Side Angle, Triangle, and Half Moon, we will physically and energetically practice the embodiment of change as we shift from open to revolved positions. This flow challenges us to accept change as it comes in order to grow, evolve, and stay humble through our practices and lives.

Props needed: 1-2 blocks, optional blanket