Lila Flow Graduate


Sadie Crystal (She/Hers)

     Sadie discovered yoga through a team bonding activity for tennis in high school, being a lifelong dancer, yoga intrigued her with its stretches and postures that felt comfortable and familiar in her body. As...
Need a gentle, sweaty morning pick-me-up? Are you feeling stuck in your daily routine? This open level vinyasa class will encourage you to push your boundaries, explore how you can find personal surrender, and investigate the world upside down. This class allows you to find a slow build up to a headstand and awakening the arms, glutes, core and neck. Invite yourself to find moments of pure presence, introducing Kumbhaka breath to find greater interchange of oxygen. Finish this flow off with a guided meditation to set you forth towards the rest of your day with greater ease and confidence. Enjoy this unique flow and intro to inversions.

Playlist Link Here.