Super Sutra & Sequencing 20Hr Intensive

Super Sutra & Sequencing 20Hr Intensive

Atha YoganusasanamYoga Sutra 1:1 Now begins the practice of Yoga
Reignite your passion for your practice and teaching through practicing and teaching Yoga as Embodied Philosophy! 

Step out of your comfort zone and explore weaving the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through your teaching and practice by bringing yoga’s timeless teaching to life through the lens of Lotus Flows’ dynamic and devotional dance and discipline of creative sequencing.
Jasmine Tarkeshi and Kate Duyn will bring the wisdom and creativity from their years of personal practice, study and teaching to facilitate a space for disciplined practice: Tapas,  svadyaya: self study and inquiry and Isvarapranidhana:  surrender and service. You will be inspired and initiated into becoming a more confident, creative and compassionate teacher as you deepen your devotion to your personal Sadhana and self study and be encouraged to teach and practice through the lens of your own lived experience. 

This intensive and 300 hour advanced module focuses on the architecture of Lotus Flow and allowing your personal expression of Asana and Dharma of the Sutras to shine through. The Yoga Sutras are time tested recipes that work, while our Lotus Flow Vinyasa allows us to throw in whatever we have in the cosmic kitchen of the moment and create something new. Together, we can anchor our practice and teaching to integrate both sides of our brain towards Unity.

We will fully explore the philosophy of Vinyasa Karma, wise progression, in sequencing towards a  peak or “Maha Pose". We will start each day getting physical, exploring the framework of Lotus Flow through the Chakra system and physical anatomy. The afternoon lectures and practice teaching sessions will include the practice of svadyaya or self-study, as we delve into The Yoga Sutras, yoga’s darshana and the essential text that accompany these luminous manifestations. This timeless wisdom is the teacher's anchor, and can be a mirror for self-reflection. Building a personal connection and deeper relationship with these guiding principles helps express these universal teachings honestly and authentically through you. Personal contemplation, group discussion, practice and teaching will support you during this 3 day as you learn to incorporate yoga’s fundamental nature into your own sadhana, teaching, and life. We will also cover topics including creating authentic themes and Dharma talks, threading the theme, the use of music, mudras, movement and mantra in your classes. Discover how these tools will amplify your classes while inspiring your teaching.
The Art and Architecture of Lotus Flow 
The Essence and Key Sutras of 4 Padas Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Weaving the Sutras Through a Vinyasa Class
Chanting the Yoga Sutras
Sharing authentic, heartfelt Sutra Dharma Talks
Cultivating Creativity while honoring Yoga’s Roots 

Friday  2 - 7pm  /  Saturday 10:30am - 6:30pm / Sunday 10:30am - 6pm

$395 early-bird pricing until 6/21, $450 after!
20% discount for all Lotus Graduates (either LOL or LotusLand)