Pre-Natal Series


Martyna Eder

Martyna Eder is an advanced certified Jivamukti Teacher, and an actress. Coming from an artistic and musical background, along with being a passionate animal rights activist, Jivamukti Yoga felt like home to her ...
Whether you’re pregnant now, planning for the future or a yoga teacher interested in developing a new awareness, this course is the perfect way to embark on or bare witness to the journey of pregnancy with women who have been there and can help you gain confidence in a time that often feels uncertain.
Start on the path towards confidence in this beautiful journey towards motherhood starting January 9th.
This course includes:
3 modules that are woven together-
Asana/Practice taught by Martyna Eder
Women’s Health and Nutrition taught by Rebecca Callahan
Anatomy and Physiology taught by Lori Zucker

-7 lives Zoom sessions including Q&A sessions at the end of each module
-Over 25 video clips of possible asana modifications
-2 pre-natal specific class