Hips & Hamstrings


Lara Warren

Lara's classes never fail to surprise, delight and inform. She welcomes all levels of students and is attentive to specific needs. She has a wonderful enthusiasm for the subject of yoga, which she has has studied...
Natural resistance to stretching of the tendinous fibers in the hamstrings and limitation in the range of motion of the hips (usually due to years of sitting in chairs), limit our physical freedom and comfort.  Working to open and stabilize the hips while lengthening the hamstrings is key to balancing the pelvis, finding proper extension in the spine, and preserving the knees and lower back health.

This is an Iyengar yoga workshop—if you are not familiar with Iyengar yoga, the Iyengar methodology, or Lara's teaching, please reach out to either Lara ([email protected]) or Jen ([email protected]) prior to registering. This is not a Kula Flow or vinyasa yoga class. It is not appropriate for students brand new to yoga or to Iyengar yoga.Thank you!