Resetting the Nervous System


The human body is the home for our nervous system. The yoga practice is essential in cultivating balance in the mind and body as it helps us draw an external focus from our surroundings and transfer it to the mind, brain, and body where the source of our imbalances lie, such as anxiousness and/or depression. Grounding is key in shifting the nervous system as it allows us to feel regulated, safe, and connected. Through tapping into the earth element we can feel fully supported and as a result it can have a direct response in how our body responds to stress. 

Join Danielle for a workshop to help reset the nervous system by balancing the mind and body through the yoga practice. In this workshop, we will focus on some gentle asanas (physical postures) that can help ease our anxiety, fear, and/or depression along with learning some pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, to help support our mental health.

For Danielle, cultivating a deep yoga practice was a natural extension of her lifelong study of dance and was the perfect way to integrate movement and the mind. Danielle completed her Dance and Psychology Degree at Hunter College and shortly thereafter received her yoga certification from Laughing Lotus in 2008 along with completing her 30 hour intensive teacher training at Kula Yoga Project in 2018.

Danielle received her Masters in Social Work at Hunter College in 2014. Danielle works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and utilizes her yoga and meditation practices to serve and empower communities throughout New York City. Danielle has worked as a clinician in both hospital and clinic settings. She has completed a teacher training in Trauma Conscious Yoga Method along with attending mental health conferences and workshops specific to trauma and integrating yoga into the mental health system. Danielle’s yoga teaching is inspired both by her integrative background of her clinical practice and her vinyasa practice. Her classes emphasize alignment of the body with a moveable flow while maintaining connection to the breath. She incorporates all elements of the practice—physical, mental, and spiritual—in order to create a strong foundation for her students.