Privilege to Possibility


Naimah Efia

Naimah Efia is a holistic health practitioner, specializing in mental health and psychic emancipation.  Through her commitment to transformation & self-determined healing for Black, Indigenous and People of Color...
Sunday, August 16 from 2—3:30pm
Sunday, August 23 from 2—4pm
Sunday, August 30 from 2—4pm

*This is a 3-part series on Zoom; you will be enrolled in all three sessions when registering. Cost of all three sessions is $100.

As our yoga and wellness world tunes into the socio-political frequency of this moment, many are feeling compelled to engage in conversations and efforts to address social injustice in new ways, with deeper insight & understanding. Many are asking, where to start or where do we go from here? What will it take to have our practice, off the mat, look as aligned as it does on the mat? How do we practice yoga, and seek liberation in our communities and beyond?

Privilege to Possibility is an interactive workshop space that will provide participants with the opportunity to begin answering some of these questions, while deepening their own understanding of how to locate themselves within this moment of social and ecological unrest. Join Naimah Efia, in an undeniably necessary conversation series on transforming privilege (and unearned power) into possibilities for a greater social consciousness in practice. Through this series of community-conversations, with workshop components, participants will transform their practice into one that includes karmic social action. We'll explore language, systems & structures of oppression. We'll collectively build and share tangible steps to shift towards possibility and hope, through decolonizing our privilege. Committed participants will be offered the opportunity to challenge our complicity in systems of oppression and to begin to dismantle it within ourselves and the world.

Over the past 3 years our activist fires have been stoked. The election of 45 brought about a social awareness that sparked new conversations, emboldened various forms of activism, and changed how we engage with the world around us. For many of us, our thinking on how we can impact our social condition needs to consider the not-so-little thing called privilege. Many systems are at work to grant unearned privileges, protection, and power to a select group of people, occupying dominant identities. Those systems thrive on us remaining “unaware” of how that privilege is impacting those to whom it's not afforded, the marginalized communities who are strategically targeted. The lack of awareness leaves the gates open for folks like 45 to step right in and flood our world with violence, chaos and multiple forms of terrorism. There IS something we can do about it, beginning with education and socially responsible action; aka the power of the people. Join us in making a commitment to moving our privilege to possibility, and transforming power over, to power with the people.