Nikki Vilella

After moving to Tribeca over two decades ago, I stumbled upon a premie Kula on the way to the train. I went, was hands down hooked by the first hip opener, and the rest is history. I started teaching at Kula in 2...

Kula Flow: A Three and a Half Acres Benefit Class


Please read:

IN PERSON ATTENDANCE CAN ONLY BE BOOKED THROUGH THREE AND A HALF ACRES (THAY). Tonight's class is a benefit to support their work. THAY is a not-for-profit organization aiming to bring yoga, meditation, and breathing modalities to underserved populations in NYC.
In person drop ins and class cards sold via Kula will not be accepted.

Thank you for supporting the work of THAY! If you'd like to proceed and book an in-person spot in this class, CLICK HERE to be taken to their site.

LIVESTREAM ATTENDANCE may be booked as usual via Kula or through THAY.

Three and a Half Acres Yoga (THAY) broadens access to yoga, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, focusing on communities that have experienced trauma. Our classes and training support individuals and teachers alike in recognizing their power for positive change. We believe every yoga teacher needs training in trauma sensitivity and that everyone deserves access to a yoga experience, free of harm, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or class. THAY partners with other nonprofits and other organizations to provide them with yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes and workshops. We believe that the services we provide help our partners do what they do better and support these organizations in their missions.

(Int/Adv) Kula Flow is vinyasa (or flow) style yoga with an emphasis on creativity and alignment. Classes are inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing & seated postures, back bending, and inversions —guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the mind. Most teachers also use bandha work to open and strengthen the inner body. (Classes differ in tone and vigor depending on the teacher, so if you have special needs/interests please contact For students with a regular yoga practice.