Brian Roy-Garland, MS PT, RYT-500

Having been a competitive gymnast at an early age, Brian has always been consumed with the body’s ability to create shapes. He studied anatomy & physiology, functional movement, injury and rehabilitation to earn ...
So what is PhysiYoga? Physiyoga is the integration of physical therapy principles & exercise with the practice of yoga to provide a novel, holistic, and evidenced-based healing modality.

In this 4 part movement exploration workshop, we’ll look at the body piece by piece:
      1. Focus on the hips & balance poses
      2. Focus on the shoulders & arm balances
      3. Focus on the mid spine & twists
      4. Focus on the low spine & backbends

This workshop will begin with a brief 10 min anatomy overview, then we'll mobilize the body with creative movement and props, then we'll stabilize by learning new ways to engage our muscles and challenge them. 

Next comes integrated asana; how does all this mobility & stability translate to a more supported asana practice?

We will conclude with 10 min of recommendations for injury prevention.

This workshop is accessible with or without formal yoga props! 

Find substitutes around the house- some recommendations below
  • 2 blocks: 2 thick books, 2 hard plastic water bottles
  • 2 blankets: any 2 blankets or large towels works great
  • Yoga strap or a long belt or even 2 belts buckled together works great
  • Yoga Tune Up, RAD balls, a lacrosse ball, firm rubber ball borrowed from your dog, or tennis ball

If you have'em- a set of Therabands - 1 small loop and 1 long one with 2 loops on the ends- but know that these are optional! And if you want a set you can reach out to Brian personally - [email protected] or @brianroygarlandyoga on Instagram