Full Moon Ritual + Practice: Yule Time Ritual


Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig (she/her) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, and co-host of the Webby Award nominated podcast, Free Cookies. Kathryn is known for her accessibility, humor, creative instruction, ...
We are nearing Winter Solstice, also known as Yule — a celebration and return to light! Join your Haus Coven as we celebrate by making pomanders: oranges studded with herbs, traditionally used to ward off disease or used as a perfume, but in our case, as a symbolism of our intentions and abundance. We will create our pomanders alongside releasing our past, acknowledging our present, and manifesting our future. 

Tools needed:

  • an orange
  • bottle of cloves (NOTE: not ground, must be actual cloves)
  • 3 candles, green or gold, red, and white
  • lighter or matches
  • 3 slips of paper and a pen
  • fire-proof bowl or cauldron
  • sacred smoke such as sage, palo santo, or incense 
  • optional: symbols of fire (lit candle), water (bowl of water), air (incense, feather, sacred smoke), and earth (salt, rocks, crystals, plants)

30 minutes
All levels