Haus Yoga w/ Bella Blue: Sensual Floor Movement


Bella Blue

Maestra of healing movement and sensual connection
Bella Blue, our favorite burlesque queen of Nola, is back in the Haus helping us connect with our innate sensuality! 

This class is all about using ONLY 2 things as your apparatuses: the floor and your body. In this totally floor-based class, Bella invites you to explore pelvic awareness and subtle movements, all while strengthening and feelin' yourself! Expect to be guided by Bella's perfect cueing and instruction in this all levels class! And don't forget to grab some socks and pants to slide along the floor! 

All Levels 
60 minutes
Props: Floor with enough room for you to slide around. Wear long pants and socks, so you're able to glide easily on the floor!