Haus Movement w/ Bella Blue: Powerful Pelvis


Bella Blue

Maestra of healing movement and sensual connection
Join Haus teacher Bella Blue the first Thursday of every month!

This pelvic-based movement and stability class is designed to get you connected to the power of your pelvis. We often create movement from our extremities and disconnect from our pelvic structures. This can lead to weakness in the pelvic connective tissues, tightness in the hamstrings and hip flexors, as well as challenges with feeling grounded in movement. This class will focus on some self assessment of your pelvic structures, then guide you through some movement that will get you thinking about shape shifting your movement origins, with the goal of awakening more power than you ever thought you had!

All levels
60 minutes
Props: Yoga blocks and wear comfy clothes that you're able to slide around the floor in.