Haus Movement w/ Kate Counts: The Strength of Clarity


Kate Counts

Kate has been guiding movement in the wellness community for over a decade. Education has always been an important part in Kate’s life…from teaching elementary school for years to learning about the body and func...
Join Haus Yoga teacher Kate Counts the second Thursday of each month!

There are many reasons why we decide to move our bodies. Today's class will focus on the mental benefits of incorporating strength and cardio into our well being practices. Class will begin with warming up our muscles and minds through functional movement and then cruise towards circuit training, which will be a full body experience of leg, arm, and abdominal strength. Class will conclude with space to soak up the experience through stretch and stillness. This class will allow our hearts to be louder than our minds. How nice, right?!

All levels -- ALL are welcome!
50 minutes
Props: water, sweat towel, weights (2lbs - 20lbs weights depending on what your body needs to lift at this moment. Each exercise will have a body weight option as well.)

Postures Include: Variations of body weight squats, push ups, lunges, burpees (PLEASE don't stop reading there, I promise you will LOVE it) and sit ups. Arm circuits of: bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extension, rows. Leg Circuits of: squats, dead lifts, lunges, lateral lunges. Ab circuits of: jack knifes, stabbers, Ukrainian twists, leg drops.