Full Moon Ritual & Practice: Hunter's Moon


Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig (she/her) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, and co-host of the Webby Award nominated podcast, Free Cookies. Kathryn is known for her accessibility, humor, creative instruction, ...
Come celebrate October's Hunter's Moon with your Haus Coven! This moon was named for the time of year when game was hunted to prepare for the winter season. It is the moon that falls closest to Samhain (also known as Halloween) when the veil is thinnest between the human and spirit realm. We will use this time to call upon our ancestors and departed loved ones, honoring them and asking for guidance. Brief ritualistic movement will embody the archetype of the The Hunter.

Tools needed:

*photo of ancestor or deceased loved one
*any of their favorite foods, personal objects
*sacred smoke (sage, palo santo, incense)
*paper and something to write with
*fire-proof bowl/cauldron
*lighter or matches
*clear quartz, moonstone, or labradorite crystal
*optional: symbols of fire (lit candle), water (bowl of water), air (incense, feather, sacred smoke), and earth (salt, rocks, crystals, plants)