Kathleen Roskos

Kathleen Roskos is a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is a certified Rasa yoga teacher, known for her uplifting and transformative classes. Kathleen's uni...

Astrology and Yoga with Nicole and Kathleen


at Kathleen Roskos (462 Adelphia road Freehold, NJ 07728)

"🔮✨ Dive into the cosmic dance of Gemini Season and the powerful Sagittarius Full Moon! Join Nicole and Kathleen for an unforgettable evening of astrology, yoga, and guided meditation on May 23rd at 6:45 PM $35.00 at Calgo Gardens. Let's release stagnant energy with yoga for hips and thighs, harness the power of breath work, chant mantras to elevate our spirits, and embrace transformative mudras. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the universe and unlock your inner potential! See you there! 🌟🌿 #GeminiSeason #SagittariusFullMoon #CelestialCelebration #YogaAndMeditation"