Yin/Meditation/Compassion Immersion Online with Sarah & Ty Powers

Yin/Meditation/Compassion Immersion Online with Sarah & Ty Powers

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Infusing your daily life with contemplative practices—Yin yoga and mindfulness—with awareness and compassion methods.

Embark on the initiation of your contemplative journey with Sarah & Ty Powers, who designed this immersion to invite you to embrace a fresh start, dedicating time to deepen your inner life with regular meditation while promoting meridian health through yoga postures.

The immersion consists of four sessions over two weeks in February.

During the first session, Sarah will begin with a talk related to settling the mind into meditation to open your perspective, followed by a seated practice, and ending with compassion methods while in Yin yoga postures.

In the second session, Ty  will share insights on navigating change with openness, followed by a 30-minute meditation session.

In the third session, Sarah will bring teachings on encouraging an ongoing practice with an interest in looking at subtle shifts in attentional development, and deepening our commitment to being life-long practitioners. This session includes a longer seated meditation practice combined with Yin yoga sessions. Ty will continue these themes in the fourth session.

Join us for an immersive experience crafted to rejuvenate the mind, nurture the body, and elevate your overall well-being as you embark/continue on the enriching path of contemplative practices, with awareness and compassion. 

All sessions are accessible for replay for a duration of 7 days.

Date & Time
(Wednesday- 90 mins / Saturday- 60 mins)

Feb 7   (Wed) UK 6pm / EU 7pm / NY 1pm / LA 10am
Feb 10 (Sat) UK 9am / EU 10am / NY 4am / LA 1am (US time zones enjoy recording)
Feb 14 (Wed) UK 6pm/ EU 7pm/ NY 1pm/ LA 10am
Feb 17 (Sat)  UK 9am / EU 10am / NY 4am / LA 1am (US time zones enjoy recording)

$108 (Registration closes on Feb 7th)