Sadie Rock

I am a compassionate and dedicated yoga instructor, my profound journey with yoga began during my own health struggles. Facing personal challenges, I turned to yoga as a source of healing about 10 years ago, and ...



at Hot Yoga Stowe (618 S Main St Stowe, vt 05672)

 Welcome to our serene and rejuvenating 60- minute Yin yoga class! Start your day with tranquility as we guide you through a meditative practice that nourishes both body and mind. In this session, you’ll experience slow-paced, deep stretches designed to release tension and increase flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, this class offers a blissful opportunity to set the tone for a balanced and centered day ahead. Embrace the stillness and let the soothing energy of yin yoga revitalize your spirit, leaving you feeling refreshed,centered, and ready to embrace life’s journey.