Lindsey Dantes

Hello! Lindsey is an actress, singer and dancer with a serious love for glitter. Lindsey started teaching cardio dance in 2019 and immediately fell in love with this way of connecting to her body. Her focus in te...

Heartbeat Heels


at Heartbeat House (3191 Casitas Ave
#112 Los Angeles, CA 90039)

NEW YEAR, NEW CLASS beginning first week of January 2024- Heartbeat House Heels Class is dedicated to channeling your sexy side and feeling good in your body! Learn and practice beginner level moves designed to be done in heels, plus learn a short choreographed combination. Get ready to slink, slide and pop a lil sum' for yourself in the mirror!

Students are welcome to dress in sexy, danceable attire. Note on shoes- Heels worn to class must have secure ankle support; booties and laces are best. Shoes with a stiletto heel are preferred over a block heel. There is no minimum heel height requirement. Shoes that will not be allowed in class include: pumps, mules, slip-ons, wedges. This is for your safety! You are welcome to dance barefoot until you are comfortable with a proper heel. For reference on proper dance heels, check out Burju heels.