Lindsey Dantes

Hello! Lindsey is an actress, singer and dancer with a serious love for glitter. Lindsey started teaching cardio dance in 2019 and immediately fell in love with this way of connecting to her body. Her focus in te...

45-Minute Cardio Disco


at Heartbeat House (3191 Casitas Ave
#112 Los Angeles, CA 90039)

Cardio Disco is a feel-good cardio class in a follow along dance format. Featuring a pop and r&b-centric playlist, this class is designed to get you sweating, grounded and feeling good in your body. Cardio Disco's main focus is on letting the movement feel good to you, not about being a perfect dancer. Be prepared to get sexy, silly and sweaty! 

Please keep in mind- bare feet are encouraged in this class. Dancers are welcome to join barefoot or in gym shoes.