(CANCELED) Mid Week Meditation


This practice offers the student an opportunity to learn and experience the traditional practice of mindfulness. Meditation in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism unfolds across three basic skills, wise effort, wise concentration, and wise mindfulness. When combined with the heart qualities of kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity they offer us a chance to develop a daily meditation practice that will support us day by day year by year. All we have to do is give its try.

I think of education as having two important components. The first is that the student has the has ability to practice a specific skill over and over again. Studies on how the brain changes make it clear that this specificity and repetition matter. The second is that this process of practicing a skill, to the point of mastery, leads into another skill and then another.

In this way, the experience of education moves from practicing a skill to practicing a set of skills that synergize offering the student the ability to create something beyond what was taught. The goal of this online studio is to present any student who wishes to learn Yoga in this way with the opportunity to do so.

In closing I would like to also add that each individual class or meditation is meant to be a sanctuary in which you can step out of time and relax back into the flow of being.

May this writing find you safe-healthy-happy and free.

Namaste Rolf