The Anatomy of Action- ENROLLMENT CLOSED

The Anatomy of Action- ENROLLMENT CLOSED

Registration is closed, but please check other Foster & Flourish Events

5 Week Series
  • Monday, June 13 - Friday, July 15 
  • (1st LIVE class is Wed, June 15)
  • Online via Zoom


The Anatomy of Action offers ways to begin to uncover and shape our most life-sustaining feelings + how those feelings can become our most life-sustaining actions.  


  • meditation (slowing down and becoming aware) 

  • conscious movement (including yoga)

  • conscious rest (including yoga Nidra)

  • somatics (working and playing internally with what we’re aware of) 

  • embodied self inquiry (dropping questions into our body, listening and waiting for responses that can arise in myriad forms)

  • thought experimentation (imagining "what if" scenarios) through prompts, journaling and optional discussion

  • action items (testing our ideas and plans through normal activities), taking note of what we observe and sharing what feels meaningful about what we learn 

No meditation experience necessary and all bodies welcome. 

WEEKLY SCHEDULE (beginning Monday June 13th):

Mondays, via email--
Meditation & an audio talk (not a live class) for each week will arrive via email + any handouts or other resources for additional learning/ support
(30 - 45 min. time investment to read/ listen)

Wednesdays, LIVE CLASS 12pm Pacific--
Subtle movement & Somatic explorations. Slower, smaller movements designed to unwind tension and wake up a more subtle, detailed and/ or nuanced awareness
(1 hour)

Fridays, LIVE CLASS 9:30am Pacific--
Yoga-based flow class. Weekly topics will be mentioned, but in a limited way, allowing space for individual processing of the week's work
(1 hour)

**Recordings made for those who miss and want to catch up. To protect privacy, recordings will be turned off during times of deeper personal sharing that occurs during sessions.

5 WEEK OUTLINE (June 13th - July 15th):

Week 1: Working with Overwhelm & Life's Mystery and Confusion

A primer of  small, simple and easy-to-use tools to move through the layer of stress, anxiety and other energies that block us from resting in our deeper self and accessing our creativity and insight. We'll practice these liberatory tools on our own +  in optional partner mutual-care, as well as explore the science behind these tools. 

Week 2: Exploring the Body as Change

Opening awareness to the rich landscape of sensations, desires and values hidden underneath all the clutter and noise. Meditation, movement and all our Core Practices (listed above) will come into play as we tap into our deeper self, what we might want and what we might do, guided by discernment and maturity.

Week 3: Re-aligning Feeling & Values-Based Action

Summoning emotional intelligence, gut instinct and other forms of body wisdom + exploring how this wisdom relates to our decisions, plans and relationships with ourselves, others and larger culture + leaning into possible futures as a conscious life practice and meaning-making process. 

Week 4: Practicing Inner & Outer Futures We Want to Live In 

Allowing life to be a safe testing ground where we consciously and discreetly undertake small experiments in shaping change and creating futures that honor the legacy of our ancestors and support us, our children, the planet and all beings. 

Week 5: Integration & Rest

Open time to catch up, reflect. Wednesday Subtle Movement/ Somatics class will be devoted to answering questions and clarification. Friday Yoga-based flow will be held as usual to help the body integrate, clear and make space for the new. Tina will be available for email support this week.


These practices, the insights they generate, coupled with the decisions and plans you'll make (and then test out in your life) can serve you, your beloveds and communities for lifetimes.

These practices and processes are nothing new. They've been imagined, gleaned, shaped and honed by our ancestors for countless generations. And just as those who came before us tested out and refined these tools in their own lives, we can do the same in our own lives.

These tools and toys have arrived into our hands just in the nick of time to bolster our intentions to know and do better as individuals and as a collective.

We begin June 13th with our first email containing an audio meditation and talk + other materials.
And our first live practice is Wednesday June 15th.

Curious about the deeper relationship between your feelings and actions and whether they could be more supportive and inspiring to one another?

Join us!