Workshops in Salt Lake City with Ana & Jose

Workshops in Salt Lake City with Ana & Jose

Join Ana & Jose for a weekend of 4 workshops in Salt Lake City.
They will be teaching their Ancestral Voices series:

The Ancestral Voices Yoga Series is a series of 4 classes that include musical blessing and juicy Forrest Yoga sequences taught by Ana & Jose. These sessions will connect you to the Beauty and ancient traditions of the First Peoples of this planet. From there, you access a deeper understanding of yourself, a connection to your own Spirit and to the Great Mystery.

All weekend super early bird: $250 USD (ending July 17th).
All weekend regular price: $280 USD
Single workshop: $75 USD

Schedule (in local time, Salt Lake City, Mountain Time):
Friday: 5:30pm- 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00 am- 12:30 pm.
2:30- 5:00pm.
Sunday: 10:00am- 12:30pm


Yelli Yelli: The Cosmic Serpent 

The meaning of the Cosmic Serpent song and the theme for this class is: Shedding the old skin and uncovering the star sparkle underneath.


Gidijma: KITE HAWK

Kite hawk is a bird of prey from Australia that uses the rays of the sun & light to outmaneuver its prey, you are hunting what holds you down & what needs to heal, using the light as an ally. 


Yama Wiri: Good Spirit 

The meaning of the Good Spirit song and the theme for this class is: Invoking the Good Spirits and energy around us. Clearing out the poisonous debris. 


Woori Ombunji: Spiritual Baptism 

The meaning of the Spiritual Baptism song and the theme for this class is: Awakening our Spirit and making our practice a daily blessing.