Renee Asteria Penaloza

I am passionate about all aspects of health and fitness and love helping people reach their goals! I have a multidisciplinary background, music production, public health research and fitness (personal training / ...



at 20th Street (3315 20th Street San Francisco, CA 94110)

Learn how your body is the only gym you need! This is a calisthenics-based resistance training class which uses body weight and minimal equipment (bars, bands and rings) to improve strength and mobility. We will work towards more advanced skills (all types of arm-balancing, L-sit, pistol squats, planche, front/back levers, muscle up etc.). This class is designed to meet all fitness levels. Depending how you feel you can choose to progress the exercises or stay with the less intense version.
**** Weights may be incorporated into class depending upon each instructor. For safety purposes, shoes may be required for class. Gym shoes only, no street shoes may be worn in studio room.